Instructions to restore factory reset Reset iPhone

Wiping data on your iPhone is a way to bring your mobile device back to its original state when it was first purchased.

Users need to consider carefully when doing this operation because after doing this, all data, including photos, applications, installed software, videos on your iPhone, will be deleted. Give up completely.

Below are the steps to perform a factory reset – the default factory settings for iPhone devices.

The process of Reset, restore iPhone

Reset iPhone, Restore iPhone different?

Reset iPhone and Restore iPhone are two ways to delete your iPhone settings. Users often confuse these two concepts as one, mostly these are different processes, from the implementation process to the recovery like the iPhone. However, it will all reinstall your device from the beginning, so it will be used to restore the iPhone to a state like the new device.

Device reset is a “softer” approach, only deleting data from the phone, without affecting the firmware or operating system version. You can choose to Reset the whole iPhone or a small part according to your needs such as reset settings, network reset, keyboard reset, screen layout reset, privacy reset …

Restore iPhone is the process that should be taken if the iPhone has a significant problem to return the device to its original state as when it was released. For example, software errors, iPhone crashes, slow computer, virus, or error codes (most common are 3194, 4013, 4014, 9, and 51).

You can break up the restore process into two categories: Restore iPhone to a working state with new firmware (Restore iPhone) or restore a backup of iPhone data (Restore iPhone data).

Restore iPhone: This is the process of Restore iPhone, you will restore iPhone to factory settings, completely erase data on the device.

iPhone data recovery: This is the process of recovering, recovering data back to the phone after restoring the iPhone.

In general, many people are confused with these definitions because they are shared as Restore; through this explanation, hope readers will understand better.


To reset the iPhone, you work right on your phone device using iPhone Settings.

To restore iPhone, you must use iTunes or the appropriate 3rd party software.

Note before resetting iPhone

Before you intend to perform an iPhone reset, restore, the first thing you need to do is to back up the data on the device if you do not want to completely lose photos, videos, contacts, calendars, personal information.

You can backup data by the following two common ways:

Backup iPhone data with iCloud

Backup iPhone data with iTunes

Also, use other cloud tools like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive … backup in many places to keep the data safe.

Note to remember the iCloud account because when restarting, the computer requires re-entering the existing iCloud account before resetting the device to be able to recover data.

Now let’s get started!

How to restore iPhone factory settings, Reset iPhone – factory default iPhone settings

Restoring iPhone factory settings is quite simple, with just a few steps:


Step 1: Open the Settings app> General> Select Reset.

Step 2: Select the option you want to reset, including:


Reset all settings: Reset the settings you have set on iPhone but don’t lose data.

Erase all content and settings: Reset all data and settings set on iPhone, reset to the original state.

Reset Network Settings: Only resets the network settings without affecting data and other settings. Use when iPhone is prone to network error, lost signal, no service …

Reset keyboard dictionary: Only reset keyboard dictionary settings, without affecting data and other settings. Used when the phone keypad is defective and helps to reset the keyboard as the original settings.

Reset screen layout: Only resets the main screen. Use when the phone screen has too many apps, look confusing, ineffective use.

Reset location and privacy: Use when too many apps are allowed to access the area and participate in user privacy.

For example, selects Erase All Content and Settings to restore iPhone to factory settings.

Step 3: Enter your Passcode on your iOS device then enter your limited password if available.

Step 4: Select Delete iPhone 2 times.

Step 5: Enter your Apple ID account password and select Delete to complete the erasing process of all data on your device.

Step 6: Wait a few minutes until the Welcome screen.


So, the necessary steps above helped you restore factory settings – the default factory settings on your iPhone.


After resetting the device to factory settings, you can use your iPhone as a new device or restore, restore backed up, stored data by the following way:


Recover data with iCloud after resetting iPhone

Recover data with iTunes after resetting iPhone

Above is a detailed tutorial on how to reset, restore, restore iPhone to factory settings, factory settings. If you are unsure about which step, comment below the article to talk to


I wish you have successfully restored the factory settings on iPhone!

April 1, 2020 7:48 am