Small tricks, but turn you into Excel master: Students and office staff must know!

There are many ways to perform a specific task in Excel. These tips will help you quickly reach the goal, instead of “manual”.

1. Enter the value starting with 0

When entering a number starting with a zero, such as a phone number, Excel will automatically remove zero at the beginning.

To avoid this, simply type the letter ‘at the top of the box, the result will be as expected.

2. Quickly view statistics about data

When blacking out numeric data cells, Excel will automatically display the values: Average, number of cells, maximum number, minimum number and sum. You just need to look down at the lower right corner of the Excel toolbar without having to perform a formula function like Average or Sum.

3. Edit cells in Excel

When you are selecting a data cell in Excel, you can double-click it to edit it. There is a faster way to use the F2 key.

F2 is considered the “rename” key in Windows. You can edit Files and Folders names by selecting and pressing F2.

4. Capitalize all or lower all

Upper function: All capitalization.

Lower function: Normal writing all.

Proper Function: Capitalize the initials.

5. Merge cells with “&”

When you need to merge multiple data into one cell, use the & character.

6. Rotate data from horizontal to vertical and vice versa

When you need to rotate the data, Copy, then select Paste -> Transpose.

7. Move quickly with Ctrl key

Ctrl with the right and left and right arrow keys will immediately bring you to the beginning, column or end of the cell, at the end of the column.

Ctrl + Home will take you to cell A1, the first cell of Excel.

If you perform the above operations with the Shift button added, Excel will blacken from the original cell to the last cell.

Ctrl + PageUp / PageDown will take you through the Sheet in Excel.

Ctrl + middle mouse will zoom in and out of Excel size.

8. Repeat the operation with the F4 key

F4 will repeat the last operation.

In the example below, when you need to insert a column in column C, you highlight the column C and right-click and Insert. After that, if you want to continue inserting columns anywhere else, simply black out the column and press F4. The new column will be inserted without you having to repeat the operations including blacking columns, right mouse, insert.

9. Print an optional area in Excel

When you need to print a small data area, highlight the data area, and select Print Selection when printing.


April 16, 2020 9:20 am