If You’re Not The Trusted Authority You’re A Commodity

When you become the Trusted Authority in whatever it is that you do, you become something truly unique. You’re not like the rest of the herd and you have more to offer than the average entrepreneur. Your work has credibility and you’ve managed to take advantage of the Trust Factor to put yourself in a position to really serve others. This is the best situation to be in. It means that people truly trust what you say and that they’re confident coming to you for goods or services.

The Commodity

There are several large search engines and online directories out there right now, and doing a search on almost any topic or area brings up a long list of choices. Unfortunately, most of them are just commodities. They come and go and, without them, people, at worst, only have to look for a different second choice in search engines. This is why it’s so critical to be able to quickly position yourself differently than all of the other options that come up. If you’re not the Trusted Authority, you’re just a commodity – you could disappear from the market place without it really affecting anyone’s life. Obviously, it would be in your best interest to prevent this from happening!

Why Are Most People Commodities?

The reason that some people end up being commodities in the marketplace is because they don’t concentrate on serving others and they don’t follow their core competencies. Look at the search engines themselves as an example. All of the second-tier search engines out there are really just imitating the biggest search engine in the world (Google). They’re not really serving others, they’re trying to make a buck by imitating someone else. When someone comes along and comes up with a better idea to serve the people who are looking for information on the Internet, you can believe that the Trusted Authority in Internet searching will change at that moment. Until then, there is only room for one Trusted Authority.

Google’s rise to significance was possible specifically because they focused on providing a better service and experience to their client. They determined that what most people value in search engines is relevant results. They engineered their entire company and process around that one simple idea. By focusing all of their attention on serving their market, they quickly became the Trusted Authority in the market.

Avoiding becoming a commodity means positioning yourself as the Trusted Authority. This means that you have to go about building trust in the people that constitute your demographic. They have to understand that, no matter how successful you become, you’re always interested in serving their needs above anything else. This means that you’re going to have to learn how to put serving others before serving yourself. When people look at a good or a service, they’re not worried about increasing your bottom line. They’re worried about what that good or service can do for them.

Becoming the Trusted Authority starts with adhering to the principles of totally committing yourself to your core competency and developing trust. It also requires some skill at marketing and the ability to learn about positioning yourself as the authority in whatever field it is that you offer goods or services. If you don’t learn how to do this, you are basically condemning yourself to second place, at best. When you do become the Trusted Authority, however, you can be sure that you have not only succeeded financially, that you have succeeded in the eyes of your customers, as well, and that is much more important than money.

June 21, 2020 3:37 am