Understanding The Importance Of Flexibility And Software Development Tools

Flexibility is the key for ensuring success in every field. In a software development company there are numerous changes that are to be made in the software system developed. For this, the team of designers has to be particular in including agility in the projects designed and developed by them. An increase in usage of agile software development techniques has been noticed. This may be due to reasons like the feature of flexibility they greet for all the changes which may arise all of a sudden; a high quality solution provided for meeting the satisfaction level of the person and great efficiency to manage any type of risk about degradation of the software developed by the company. Use of agile methodologies always yields higher quality results.

Tools used for software development

Let us first discuss and understand about software development methodologies. These refer to the set methods used in the development of software system. Various methods of software development are included in it. Some of them may be developing, analysing, designing, documenting, testing and implementing. Agile software development can also be called bespoke software development. It is considered to be an innovative step in the field of Information Technology. Agile software development proves to unleash better ways of developing software through utilising following mentioned principles to clear older things and introducing newer ones:

-Individual interactions over processes and agile tools, -Preferring functional software over ample documentation, -Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Like agile software development, agile tools have also gained great heights of popularity. Some of the agile tools used in bespoke website development and software development are:

-Utilising JIRA Studio as a hosting development suite- It carries Atlassians product, issue tracking, source code analysis, and reviews tec., jointly to enhance release planning and getting better feedback from the customer. -Making use of greenhopper with JIRA- Paired with greenhopper plug in, JIRA makes a strong platform for developers to plan agile releases and manage project status. -Coming together for agile teamwork- this tool has been designed to help agile developers in planning their requirements, meet changes happening during development with a combined effort of the team as a whole. -Fish Eye for code analysis-With this insight a developer can find a source to get notified about any change in the code for successful team performance. It proves useful for team and technical leads for RSS in a branch.

-Continuous integration maintenance- it is for the benefit of the developing teams that they maintain continuous integration for getting maximum output of their work. Moreover, useful for testers, it also aids in getting instant feedback on the metrics.

After discussing some of the important tools of agile software development, it can be summarised that there is a difference in the tools depending on their usage.


November 15, 2020 6:34 am