Samsung SGH-X660

Who doesn’t be familiar with that there is no second possibility to make a first idea??? But, hold it guys; it doesn’t hold a candle for technology; for the simple fact that it goes and goes and goes on improving and developing. Samsung certainly leads the wagon in this realm. It commendably caters to the users’ taste. They have jumped the bandwagon of decking up their accessible products with a makeover to spoil their consumers. The Samsung X660 is one more handset from the even with a slight pace up over Samsung’s X640.

First Impressions

The Samsung X660 follows the footprints of its predecessor being a clamshell. It is equipped with an outside mono-screen (96 x 96 pixels). It flaunts black, glossy-finish slapped with a silver border matt-finish so as to makes for quite a fashion statement and an elegant look. The glossy-finish has a hitch to it though; your fingerprints seemed to get stamped on the surface. So, you’ll always feel like a fussy one eternally striving to clean off the fingerprints before theft it. The left face has a headphones socket neatly covered through a plastic cover that is attached to the body. The volume-control is smartly placed below the headset socket. There is an IrDA port and a camera-activation button on the right face of the phone. The camera-placement is identical to that of the previous model X640 with a slight dip to preserve the lens from life form scratched.

On opening the clamshell you will notice the 65K color TFT (128 x 160 pixels) screen that displays 8 lines. This screen is bright and has an improved contrast over the X640 screen. The keypad layout is neatly spaced out with the same large 4 way D-pad. The center key of the D-pad works as a collection button and as a WAP hotkey. A white backlighting is increase equally throughout the keypad that is satisfactory even if you thumb the connections in insufficient lights. The keypad doesn’t cause accidental key presses even for people with large finger.

Battery and Weight

The battery accounts for most of the X660’s weight otherwise its very light-weigh, just 78 grams with the battery. The battery-lock of the phone isn’t that immense which decode into a slightly creaky feel when the receiver is held tight. Battery life is pretty logical; if three-and-half hours of talk-time and around two-hundred-hours of stand-by time.

Feature & Performance

The main menu of the phone is a standard Samsung 3 x 3 matrix layouts that is accessed by pressing the left button. The icons are neat, pleasantly animated. The submenus are displayed in a numbered-list format so you can quickly navigate using the keypad number according to the number of the option listed. The 4-way-D-pad can be customized to different predefined shortcuts. So on pressing UP the phone displays the calculator or whatever you select from the list of shortcuts in the phone settings (select the application you use frequently). Contacts or phonebook is accessible only by the click of the correct key which displays contacts from the phone memory and from the SIM-card as well. The phonebook has 500 entries. You can group your contacts; add a picture and ringtone to each contact. You can also have 8 speed-dialing numbers for the contacts you most frequently call to. Call-list is also present to show you the 20 last dialed/received/missed numbers. The phone supports 40 channel-polyphonic ring tones and MP3 as well. You can download ring tones only using GPRS.

The phone can store 200 SMSs on top of its memory. The phone has animated emoticons to give your SMSing the feel of one-on-one. You can also spice it up by adding your picture or tap it up by adding a melody toward your SMS. Predictive text T9 input is also available to make your typing faster. MMS is also supported and is very simple toward write with the easy to use border supply.


Samsung doesn’t give the impression to have learnt from the past blunder regarding the camera-placement. It is exactly the same as the previous one, the X640. You will still discover your fingers block the lens if you upgrade to this handset.

Excepting the placement issue, camera sure deserves a cheer. It delivers resolutions up to 640×480 pixels. Quality of the photo can be decided by choose super fine, fine, normal, and economy. You can also video-record with a resolution of 128×96 pixels and the quality can be adjusted in the similar manner as aforesaid. The camera quality is average as it’s a VGA.


The wire headset provided is very efficient; air disturbance is sorted out, cutting down the problems for both the parties, which makes for a comfortable conversation.

The IrDA is only for connecting the phone to your PC for harmonization. But it’s restricted to only copying your contacts, schedules, etc. It can’t be used for move pictures or other files to and from your computer. To get more pictures or melodies you are required to download them via WAP.

The X660 retails for Rs.6,900/- with a 1 year warranty. It is a smart-buy over X640. It offers an IrDA port for whatever little organization it has to offer. This phone has a much better screen and an external show as well.

March 4, 2021 3:26 pm