Tips to consider when buying a new RV (Part 2)

The Bed

Lay down in the bed, toss and turn. Stretch out (ESPECIALLY if you’re a tall one like me), make sure you are comfortable, space wise. If you’re a couple, get in there together. Just like you would be sleeping.

Make sure there is enough room for you both and that you’re both comfortable. The mattress my not be all that comfortable, but that can be resolved later for a couple hundred bucks. (I will review the mattress we got soon)

Our mistake: I sat on the bed, I laid down on the bed how I normally sleep. But I did not stretch myself out. I figured it would do. And it does. But, the mattress is an RV Queen which is 6 inches shorter than a regular queen. No biggie, I am used to my feet hanging off of beds.

But, the wall to the bedroom is about two inches from the end of the mattress. Which means I am continually hitting the wall and the doors with my feet through the night. If I stretch out my feet hang out of the door into the living area. Quite the sight to see I’m sure.

The Furniture

Treat the furniture the same way. Sit down and relax. Stretch out. Pretend to watch TV, cuddle with your significant other. Get a feeling of what it might feel like to spend a couple of hours a day sitting there. Sit at the dinette. Pretend to eat a meal. I think you’re getting the idea.

Our mistake: No real mistake here. The furniture is comfortable enough. The dinette is okay for a short time for me, but I can’t sit there to long to do any work or work on leather. I’m not sure it has to do with the furniture as much as it has to do with the fact is that I ain’t no spring chicken.


Okay…cook a meal. Not really, but you should have an idea where I’m going here. Grab the pots and pans, grab the fixins, and start fixin. Start getting an idea of where your stuff is going to go. Check out the fridge? Is it big enough? Is there enough counter space? Is there enough storage? Can you get by with what is there?

Our mistake: Again, no real mistake. The galley in most RVs are going to be on the small side. Ours really only fits one person. So not much cooking together. One can’t cook and the other do dishes. And so on.


And last but not least is the lavatory also known as the bathroom. Please, please, please do not actually use the bathroom while playing house. Sit on the toilet, fully clothed please. Is there room to move, adjust, whatever it is you do when you’re in there? Climb in the shower, pretend to take a shower. Is there enough head room? Is the shower wide enough?

Our mistake: I did all this and found it acceptable. If I stand all the way up in the shower my head pushes against the skylight dome. I manage, but it is tight. It would not work if I was claustrophobic.

Final thoughts

A lot of what you deem works for you will depend on whether you are going to be living full time in your rig or if you are only using is for a couple of weeks or months out of the year. Take all of this into consideration when buying a new RV.

Oh, and one final final thought. You don’t necessarily have to get the biggest rig you can afford or think you need. This may limit your towing comfort and where you can park, camp, and store your rig.

Wow…you made it to the end. I wasn’t sure you would. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. The rest of the things to think about can be accepted as required (water tank sizes, etc), but I feel in order to be comfortable in your new home or home away from home this is some important stuff to keep in mind.


If you have any other suggestions and tips, share them with us in the comments below.

If this is your dream, chase it! Don’t let your life regrets be things you did not do. Until next time friends.

March 4, 2021 3:27 pm