Article Marketing Part 2 Who Said You Cant Write?

It’s obvious that the benefits of submitting your own articles to various different article directories are simply amazing.

You get free publicity.
You don’t pay for advertising.
You can have your own articles as a viral marketing tool.

And, much much more.

But, wait a minute.

“I can’t write. How can I submit my articles if I don’t even have one written?”

If this does not describe you and you’re already writing good articles on your own, then what are you waiting for?

Start publishing your own articles now.

If you belong to this “can’t write a single word” category, then stay with me here.

I don’t blame you for it but I believe this is a problem that can be fixed. I used to have no idea to write at all, but I knew my problem was because I was trying to write about something I didn’t know.

It’s a bit confusing but let me rephrase. Find something that you know a great deal about and if you are passionate enough about the topic, your juice will flow like water. Your head will generate more ideas than your writing speed can catch up.

For further help on writing an article, here are a few tips.

1. Enumerate your points, like what I’m doing now. A 500-word article can have 7 or 10 short points in it.

2. Look at some other articles of the same interest. Model (not copy) the writing skills of others.

3. Write your articles like writing stories. Writing your own experience sometimes help.

4. Write like you talk. Forget about grammar in your first round of writing. Go back to the article and fix your mistakes once the article is finished.

5. Write, write and write. Nothing helps more than practice. Your first article won’t be good, but the second one will be better. The hundredth article will be much better than the 50th. So, write more.

Still stuck with writer’s block? Then, I suggest two ways to get around.

1. Hire ghostwriters to write exclusively for you.

Ghostwriters are authors who will write on your behalf on any topics that you assign them. They’ll charge you for their service.

When the articles are complete, they are yours to keep. You can claim the authorship of the articles, put your name on these articles and often, claim the copyrights of the articles too.

Many Internet marketers are doing it simply because they don’t have time to write or they don’t have any expertise on the topics that they want to write.

2. Join private label article membership clubs.

For less than thirty dollars a month, you can get tons of contents which you can private label them with your own name.

But, be very careful because article directory owners don’t like duplicate contents in their databases. Make sure you modify the content of each article before you submit them to any article directory. You don’t want your name to get banned by these article directories.

On a special note, majority of private label rights operators put a cap on their membership sites. As soon as they have enough members, you won’t be allowed to join them until the existing members cancel their membership.

The two methods of creating your own articles above are definitely meant to help you get going. After having your articles in your hand, like most people say, the world is your oyster.

April 17, 2021 5:00 am