Quality Contents of a Blog

Nowadays there are over a trillion bloggers in the world. Some bloggers are busy designing their blog to attract readers to visit their blog. They are wrong in doing that because search engines loves quality contents than coolest and prettiest theme a blog has. So we need to make a blog posts that has quality and will love by our readers.


Targeting a specific topic on your blog posts is at the top of lists on how to make quality contents. I remember someone’s comment on one of my blog posts. She (let us assume that she’s a girl) said that blogging should be free flowing. Indeed, she’s right but when you start writing about your blog posts you need to target the title. When you are thinking about what to posts you think outside the box but when you start writing about your topic then you should stay inside the box.


I’m talking to you so listen carefully. You should write like you our talking to us, no matter what the topic is. To make it more effective, try asking yourself. Yourself as a reader and yourself as an author will definitely helpful to write like how you talk to some. Just be careful in this technique because it has big chance that you’ll become crazy. It’s how to make quality contents.


It is essential in doing a valuable article on your blog. When you pass ideas, tips, information, tutorials, and etc. you must be sure that it is accurate. When someone found out that your information is such a waste because it is false, your blog will experience a bad reputation. Your readers will leave you and seek for another blog. So be cautious in what you share to others. Make sure write quality contents. If you’re not that kind of sure leave at least a reminder that the tips you share are just opinions.


We should know what would readers interest is and what will give them fun in reading our posts. In short we should know our readers pulse. Involvement of readers is one that a blog have to reach success. That’s why this blog has named Blog Treats, we want to treat everyone who is reading this blog. The success of a blog is always on how readers react on your article. Quality contents or posts are always what readers want. So we better to always keep in touch to them. Listen to their voice.


When time comes that you can’t think clearly, you can search through the web and find a topic that will catch your attention. Read the topic that attracts you and let it be your inspiration to write a new blog post, surely you can say it is a quality contents for your blog. As long as there are things that are happening to this world (maybe in space too), you can think of many ideas from those events. You could possibly write a quality post.


Writing regularly will help you to rank higher in search engine. It is one of the best SEO practices you should make but it seems to be a mistake of some bloggers. If you can’t write daily don’t pressure yourself. Pressuring yourself to write daily will reduce the quality contents of your post. So you always need to calm down. Think clearly. Write what’s on your mind.


Why you should research if you have an idea what you will write? It is because that researching may add some information to your ideas which can be a quality content. It can be also a guide to the posts you will write. By researching you are listening to others works but it is your decision to agree or to disagree to them. This will give you motivation to write.

Another thing to make a quality contents is we should love what we’re doing. Happy blogging!

June 28, 2021 3:31 pm