5 Free Internet Marketing Tools That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Life is great if you can find tools that can help you in your marketing campaigns and it’s much much better if they are available for free.

There are many types of internet marketing tools that will be useful for you but if you’re on a shoestring budget, free is definitely a lifesaver. You’ll need these tools to help you save time, which is very important if you’re an internet marketer.

1. RSS reader

Nowadays, most blog has RSS feed or RSS button on it that you can subscribe for updates. If you’ve favorite blog that you’ll always frequent, then you’ll want to use RSS reader.

It can help you get notified of new posts on your favorite blogs as soon as they’re posted. RSS reader saves you time, because you don’t have to try to remember the links to visit the blogs you like, and no more wasting time checking on them only to find they haven’t posted anything since you last checked.

I use Google Reader and simply loves it. It’s very easy to use but I think you’ll need to have gmail account for that.

If you already have one, then you can just simply sign up, subscribe to your favorite blogs’ feeds, and pick the RSS reader you want.

2. Google Alert

I use Google Alerts to keep myself updated in the niches or topics that I’m interested in.

Well, it’s not only limited to these alone. You can use Google Alerts to see who is publishing your stuff, who is talking about you, and which sites your EzineArticles are being posted on.

You can also set it up to show you when something is posted to a site regarding keywords you are targeting. This is the most useful use of this tool for me. Why? It helps me come up with ideas for content, and allows me to see what is happening online regarding my keyword subject.

Go to google.com/alerts and put in the words you want to track.

3. FTP tool

You’ll need to upload your pdfs, zip files, and web pages to your website. You can search for Filezilla and Smart FTP Lite. I personally use the Smart FTP and find it very easy to use.

Just go their websites and click the download button. Quick and simple

4. Google Analytics

Ahhhh…this is priceless tool from the Big G. It’s a great way to track what’s going on with your sites.

You can see who visited, how long they stayed, where they are from, which pages they looked at, and what keywords they used to find your site. Isn’t it cool?

Follow the instruction on the Google Analytic website and paste the code to your site to begin using the tool.

5. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

When I first started online, I use this tool a lot when researching for keywords for my project.

Finding the best keywords and longtail keywords is the essential search engine optimization strategy. I’m not an SEO expert but I do always put serious effort into finding the right keywords.

Do I still use this keyword tool today?

Yes, but maybe not as much as I used to.

I’ve invested in Market Samurai which I really loves [http://web.archive.org/web/20100217082340/http://www.marketsamurai.com/c/suriati-info]. I use it a lot nowadays. Having said that, when I’m on other people computer and need a quick check, I still use Google Keyword Tool.

There you go, 4 out 5 tools above belong to Google and there’s no doubt that they are very useful. If you’re on shoestring budget, these tools are very useful for your internet marketing business. Use it as it can help you save times.

What are you going to do with this information right now?

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July 27, 2021 4:02 am