5 Free Internet Marketing Tools That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Life is great if you can find tools that can help you in your marketing campaigns and it’s much much better if they are available for free. There are many types of internet marketing tools that will be useful for you but if you’re on a shoestring budget, free is definitely a lifesaver. You’ll need these tools to help you save time, which is very important if you’re an internet marketer. 1. RSS reader Nowadays, most blog has RSS feed or RSS button on it that you can subscribe for updates. If you’ve favorite blog that you’ll always frequent, then you’ll want to use RSS reader. It can help you get notified of new posts on your favorite blogs as soon as they’re posted. RSS reader saves you time, because you don’t have to try to remember the links to visit the blogs you like, and no more wasting time checking on them only to find they haven’t posted anything since you last checked. I use Google Reader and simply loves it. It’s very easy to use but I think you’ll need …
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